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If you’re looking for excitement and a one of a kind adventure, our Zipline experience is perfect for you. This thrilling ride stretches over 900 meters, right above the beautiful Adriatic Sea and is just 4 km away from the charming Old town Dubrovnik.

Enjoy mesmerizing views on the Adriatic Sea from our chill zone in the forest and watch people fly above you.

You’ll zip across in a superman position, giving you the coolest view and the amazing feeling of flying. This unforgettable ride is guaranteed to pump up your adrenaline and give you stories to tell for years.


900m | 3000ft


max. 100km/h | 63mph


175m | 575ft

Superman position

The Wire is 900 metres long, superman position, zipline with proximity flying above forest canopy and beautiful coast.


All equipment is standardized and licensed according to EU standards, which ensures maximum safety.


Your adventure will start at the top of a small oak hill overlooking the island Lokrum and the unique Adriatic coast.


You can come to the location by taxi to the bus stop Dubac or by private transportation where you can park free of charge.

ONLINE TICKET PRICE: 60€/per person


For restrictions please read our FAQ.

3 instructors

Our zipline is guided by three certified experts, each skilled in safety and emergency procedures, ensuring a secure journey.


Participation in our zipline adventure comes with the standard accidental injury insurance, ensuring that all the guests are covered.

full equipment

Our zipline experience includes a harness, helmet, gloves, protective goggles, and an advanced passive braking system for your safety.


Each booking for our thrilling zipline comes with the added reassurance that all prices include VAT, guaranteeing no unexpected fees.


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Zipline DU the Wire has been honored with a Viator Experience Award in the Adrenaline-Rush Experiences category for 2023.

Marzena K
Marzena K
Ziplime adventure 10/10 Such an amazing aventure with oustanding views! I structors very very friendly with great sense of humour :D Loved every minute of it, would do it again. :D Thank you so much!
Marianne S
Marianne S
Great experience! Great experience! Beautiful view and the crew were very professional, helping us feel safe and at ease. Recommended for anyone who wants to add a little action to their holiday in Dubrovnik!
Janice N
Janice N
Great Dubrovnik experience These guys are great! Friendly, communicative, fun. I felt totally safe. The ride is beautiful with land on one side and water on the other. Short walk back at the end. 100% recommend.
Mary E
Mary E
A Once in a Life Time along the Adriatic Sea Visited on 18OCT23 with my cousin MJ and met 2 amazing host (instructors) sorry forgot their names! They are both lovely and friendly! I have never done this before and it was the most amazing experience ever!!! Definitely worth doing when you are visiting Dubrovnik! A once in a life time zip lining along the Adriatic Sea definitely a must and I’ll definitely come back! Thanks guys! - Mary (Sydney,Australia)
Angela J
Angela J
First time flyer, best experience ever First time on a zip line and it was the best experience! The meeting location was easy to access and find. You sit and enjoy an ocean view under the shade of trees before gearing up and walking up a short hill to the take off. Panoramic views, great safety walk through, then you are hooked in and are off. Absolutely beautiful, two knowledgeable instructors, water is available at the end of the course. Would absolutely recommend, the views are unbelievable and where else can you zip line over the ocean?
Marcin S
Marcin S
Awesome experience We had a great time at the Wire with fantastic team who were able to persuade my wife to dare it. The ride is a pure pleasure and you can admire awesome views. It only may look scary but is very pleasant - try it and you won’t regret!
Ian L
Ian L
Wow Both the staff were excellent professional and helpful, the zip line was over quickly but worth every penny. The views from the site were worth the walk. Get a bus or an uber as taxis are about 25€. Can highly recommend the experience.
Fun for adrenaline seekers Such a great time! Gorgeous views! The team explained everything and made us feel very safe. Highly recommend.
phil f
phil f
Great experience Great experience, my wife and I, 56 and 62 were treated brilliantly by the team. Top class safety briefing, loved the experience soaring over sea and trees, and after a short walk back a glass of grappa to celebrate and two days later received the go pro footage. absolutely loved it and would reccomend to anyone.
James M
James M
Adrenaline fueled experiance Whilst staying at Hotel Croatia, Cavtat my wife and I looked into completing a zip wire in the area. The Wire is the longest and completed in Superman pose so we elected for this. We travelled on the No 10 bus from Cavtat and dropped of less than 150 meters from The Wire meeting point. We were early for our experience but were quickly welcomed by the staff. After a short detailed explanation in a very friendly and professional manner we were kitted out and taken to the launch point. My wife went first but after being strapped in elected not to go. The staff were very supportive of her making sure she didn't feel upset. They were totally understanding and helped her out of the launch position. I then was connected up and fully enjoyed the experience which for a 60 year old took me back to my adrenaline junky days. After the experience I was given a bottle of water then after walking back to the meeting point (only takes 8 mins and is not difficult) was given a shot of local drink. It was then only a 50 meter walk to the bus stop and return to Cavtat. This was a fantastic experience and a major point to note that without asking and not expecting the staff gave my wife back her fee. This showed how caring and professional this team are. A totally brilliant experiance

DU The Wire


Eco-friendly activity

Enjoy a day of adventure with Zipline DU the Wire, designed to minimize environmental impact and maximize fun.

Sustainability in action

We integrate sustainable practices into every zipline tour, ensuring that we leave no negative environmental footprint.

Love for the outdoors

Explore the breathtaking landscapes of Dubrovnik from above, with a deeper appreciation for nature with every zip.


For the best Zipline experience we recommend wearing comfortable weather appropriate clothing that doesn’t restrict movement. Closed toe shoes are required for safety, preferably trainers. Long hair should be tied back and all jewelry should be removed to prevent loss. Our instructors will provide you with all necessary safety gear, including harness, helmet and protective goggles.

Yes, to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our adventurers, we have established age and weight restrictions. Participants must be at least 18 years old (otherwise they need a signed parental consent) and weigh between 50 and 110 kilograms (111 and 244 pounds). These guidelines help us provide a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone. If you have any concerns or special requirements, please contact us in advance to discuss accommodations.

Our zipline adventure prioritizes your safety above all. We employ rigorous safety protocols, including the use of high-quality, regularly inspected equipment such as harnesses, helmets, and protective goggles. Our courses are designed with an advanced passive braking system to ensure a smooth and safe ride. Additionally, all participants are briefed on safety procedures ensuring a secure experience from start to finish.

Our zipline adventure is an exhilarating experience that offers breathtaking views and thrilling speeds. However, for the safety and well-being of all our guests, there are certain conditions under which participation is not advised. This activity is not suitable for individuals with back or neck problems, pregnant women, or those with serious medical conditions. These precautions are in place to prevent any risk of injury or exacerbation of existing conditions.