DU the Wire



900m | 3000ft


max. 100km/h | 63mph


175m | 575ft


70m | 230ft


whether you`re afraid of heights or just happen to be an adrenaline junkie

Superman position

Become Superman for one minute and enjoy the freedom while flying on almost a kilometre long single cable above the bluest sea in the world! It is the Superman position that will allow you to enjoy a stable flight and a stunning view.

DU the Wire zipline is currently the only zipline in Dubrovnik and the longest seaside zipline in Croatia.

A cable, as long as 900 metres, is set right next to the amazing waterside scenery of the Adriatic Sea, and the Superman position to be flown provides as well an incredible stability as a spectacular view during the entire flight. If you believe that flying in a sitting position is more comfortable, you certainly are mistaken. It is the Superman position that enables you to enjoy carefree a zipline ride lasting approximately a minute. Why do we say carefree? Simply because you don`t have to think about stopping! At the end of the cable there is a passive magnetic break that stops you immediately before reaching the end point, so you can actively enjoy the ride.

The maximum speed one can achieve in ideal conditions depends on your body weight, generally ranging between 50 and 110 kg for a successful descent.


Standardized, licensed equipment used by us at the DU the Wire zipline ensures maximum safety. In addition, our trained instructors will provide you with all necessary instructions, so you can truly enjoy every moment of your zipline adventure.

Should you despite all that feel fear or insecurity, our trained instructors will surely help you relax und enjoy this advanture to the fullest. There are three instructors at your disposal who will take care of your safety throughout the trip. Two instructors help you equip yourself and provide you with necessary instructions, and the third one awaits you on the other side. If you get stuck close to reaching the end point, don`t you worry. That is quite normal, given the range of allowable body weight of 50 and 110 kg. The instructor will pass a rope to you and pull you out as soon as possible.

Needless to say, the entire project was realized in accordance with EU standards, thus ensuring maximum safety regarding the equipment used.


Your adventure will start on the top of a small oak hill overlooking the island of Lokrum and the unique Adriatic coast. A flight over the oak canopies, cultivated meadows and breathtaking cliffs will end on one of the last non-commercial promenades of Dubrovnik area.

What makes DU the Wire special is definitely the spectacular view of the sea and the islands. The velocity of continuously changing scenery appearance in the course of the 900 metres ride is unbelievable. The adventure begins by climbing through an oak grove towards the starting point of the descent 175 metres above the sea level. It is the oaks above which you fly at the beginning of descent that will trigger an adrenaline rush, a feeling you`ll be accompanied by during the whole flight. Only a few seconds later, a beautiful clearing of terraced cultivation areas opens, turning with the next blink of an eye into incredibly dramatic cliffs typical of the Afriatic coast. The ride ends on the promenade which before the construction of the present Adriatic Highway used to be the only road to the southeast of the county. The historic course of the road, the current promenade, derives from the epoch of Austro-Hungarian rule at the beginning of the 20th century, running along the jagged rocky mountain slopes covered with evergreen Mediterranian vegetation, and is in itself an exceptional attraction.

Only 4km from the old town

Our starting point is located above the Our Lady of the Guard Church at Dubac, only 4 km away from the city centre. You can park your vehicle for free next to the first bus station after the town area (in the direction of the Airport).

The starting point of the DU the Wire zipline is located at Dubac, only 4 km away from the Old Town. The most recognizable landmark by which you will find us is the bus station next to a clearly visible roadside widening enabling you to park your vehicle free of charge.

In addition to private transportation and taxis that can take you directly to the location where you can park free of charge, we can also be reached by local buses. The relevent local bus lines are as follows: No. 10, 16 A, 16, 11, 23 A, 25, 27 and 38 – they all depart from the Dubrovnik Main Bus Station (Gruz harbour area) and take you straight to the bus stop Dubac, just at the foot of our small hill. It is advisable to take a bus leaving at least 45 minutes prior to agreed zip-line ride time.

The terminal point is located on the promenade that is not open to motor vehicles, so you must go back on foot. There are two options: either back to the starting point, accompanied by our instructor, a seven to ten minute slow walk, or walking back to the Old Town which may take some 45 minutes. If you have enough spare time, seize the opportunity of taking this lovely walk during which an incomparable view of the city walls opens up, and on the way to the Old Town you can even swim in the sea on one of the Dubrovnik beaches, provided the weather conditions are favourable.


Good to know before booking the activity

FROM 65 eur
*54 eur / person

*early bird discount for 2021


Three licenced guides


• Zipline harness
• Helmet & gloves
• Protective goggles
• Advanced passive breaking system


Standard accidental injury insurance included


All the prices include VAT


Our long story - short.
Du the Wire zipline was conceived and realized by five friends, true nature lovers and adrenaline junkies. Since their childhood days they`ve been dreaming of a common project. Their first idea was to „change the world“. They didn’t know how to accomplish it, so they decided to make some music together. It was a fun period of their lives, but it came to an end with the beginning of their university studies. After many years of living in different cities, they finally were reunited by their first big project – DU the Wire zipline.


Petra took her degree in public relations, but she has been working in tourist branch ever since her student days. She prefers long walks in nature over sittings in cafes. Her nearly superhuman ability to focus on certain contents for an inordinately long time is what makes her excellent at her work but at the end of the day she is an easygoing person who enjoys spending time with her friends.


Aljosa, a civil engineer, is really enthusiastic about his profession, but has a lot of other interests too. He starts his day with yoga practice, combining it with Wim Hoff Breathing Method. He also enjoys cooking, so he often prepares food for his friends. Aljosa is also fond of freediving and you can find him every day on the beach during the summer months.


Ante is a surveying engineer. He decided he preferred programming, so he made up his mind to learn more about it. He is a real bookworm, but he enjoys climbing and slacklining as well. His perfect vacation would be on a mountain, far away from the civilization.


Kreso is a legal expert, but his genuine passion is skydiving. He is a born adrenaline junkie, eager to generally add some new adrenaline activities to Dubrovnik`s tourist offer. He likes travelling a lot and adores exploring Croatian coast and islands.


Leon is a journalist and has a master`s degree in international relations and diplomacy. Everyone who ever met Leon knows that his favourite mode of transport is riding a bike. Leon also loves history and speaks a couple of foreign languages which matches well with his tourist guide licence.


Last but not least, one of the most important team members is Lu. She hasn`t missed a single day since the project began. Lu will keep you company and put a smile on your face as you prepare for the adventure of your life.